What is marketing?

“The action or business of promoting and selling products and services, including market research and advertising”.

Oxford Dictionary

You have your business idea. Your mum thinks its a good idea, your friends think its awesome and your dog has given you the thumbs/paws up. So whats next? People need to know about your idea. How do you do that?


This is the beginning of your conversation with your audience, community and customers. But you can’t have a conversation with Mr Nobody. So you need to ask yourself the following questions:

Who do you want to talk to?
Who needs to know about what you’ve got to say?
Who will what you’ve got to say benefit?
What is the demographic you’re talking to?
Where are they looking for what you have to offer?
How will they hear what you have to say or offer?

This becomes your market research.

In my experience, I’ve often found that the best place to start is often with your friends and family. Your captive audience and quite often, brutally honest. Maybe it’s just what you need 😉

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