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Posting platform relevant content can be little tricky due to the over lapping of each of the social media platforms. That and the sheer number of platforms available. Say you have three spaces your business occupies online and you have a photo from your breakfast, a lengthy article and a link to someone else’s website you’d like to share. What information and content do you put where? Content is everywhere around us,  whether self produced or found elsewhere but deciding where each of them and how that information will best serve your business can be a little tricky.

Here’s a list of our tips to get you on your way:

Know your audience

  • This is really important and a great starting point to any information beyond here. You will have a slightly different audience on LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest. This will also be different depending on your business, brand and the voice you use
  • Knowing what your competitors are sharing is also really handy information as it will give you a look into what is acceptable for your audience and industry as well. Then you can find your own voice and make the space your own
  • Think about how YOU use each of the platforms. For me personally, I use Facebook mainly from my computer and phone to get my friend opinions and be entertained. I use Instagram waiting for the bus and between meetings, double tapping on items that grab my attention. Twitter is great for connecting with other businesses and bands. LinkedIn is only for professional information. How do you use each platform?


  • Facebook is a really good space to post links from websites and other Facebook pages that are a bit more information heavy.
  • It is quite informal so you can be a bit cheeky. Cat video’s on a Friday are socially acceptable
  • Sharing other people’s posts is really easy to do on Facebook (not so much on Instagram without a third party app such as Repost – very handy!) and you can even save video’s to share at a later date
  • Uploading your own video’s will get your likes and engagement up, up, up!


  • IG is picture and video heavy and it’s in real time (this means you have to be online in order to see what’s being posted). So taking advantage of this is pretty easy. Take. Good. Photos. You have approximately the time it takes for someone to swipe their finger across their phone to grab someones attention. Make it count.
  • The photos/video’s you post with be dependant on your branding and voice. Posting a photo of your breakfast will be perfectly fine if it’s in line with your brand and story. A naturopath for instance would work, a lawyer might not (although I’m not sure why a lawyer would have an Instagram account.)


  • Your professional platform. The introduction of Pulse has allowed people to write blog style posts on their LinkedIn profiles. This is particularly useful for those wanting to being a leader in their field
  • Posting links to information and news in your field is a good idea. This again makes it look like you have your finger on the pulse in your field
  • Cat video’s are not socially acceptable here


  • Again with twitter, it is a real time platform so information should be up-to-date and relevant
  • ALWAYS post a link or thought with a picture. People are more likely to engage if there is a picture.

My biggest tip of the day is to experiment and SEE what works on your platforms. Social media is a strange beast that is forever changing so have a go. Be brave! There is no exact science.

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