Using Social Media for Business

Social Media in 2013 – statistics from TheHPSGroup on Vimeo.

Your kids are doing it, your neighbours are all over it, your competition has three (you know this because you’re researched them), your local church tweets and even Gran has a Facebook account! It’s time to join the rest of the world and jump of the Social Media bandwagon. If the stats in the video are anything to go by, you should start yesterday!

So how do you decide where to start? Which social media platform will be right for you and your business? The first question you need to ask yourself is:

1) Who is your community? Your audience? The people who will be interested to know what you have to say?
It’s no use putting up content where people can’t find you. Think like them and if you can’t do that, ask your friends and family or even your customers.

2) The next question is how much TIME do you have to allocate for posting on your platform. This will also determine how many platforms you engage. You might start with Twitter and branch out to Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+. You might employ someone to take care of it, or you sort it out yourself. For Any small business owner starting up and DIY, I’d recommend you spend at least 4 hours per week on your first platform. Once you start engaging other platforms, you can start using programs like Hootsuite and Hubspot

3) If you’re having trouble then OUTSOURCE to a company like Do Re Media who can look after all your social media needs!

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