The Art of Night-Time Posting

Pillow Talk

Being invited into the bedroom is a delicate dance. And studies show, Social Media is getting more attention than bedfellows between the sheets. Here’s how to woo your followers into inviting you into their boudoir.

  1. Be gentle

The last thing we need after a long, busy day is a noisy or abrasive interaction.

  • Cut down on the CAPS and !!!exclamation!!! points.
  • Ooze satisfaction or quiet reflection.
  • Use informal (or less-formal) language
  • Share a relaxed or humorous summation of your day
  1. Be vulnerable

Showing that you, too, are a fallible human with daily struggles is a lovely way of developing trust with your audience. (Don’t overshare though, people hate that.)

  • Post a simple good-night message
  • Reveal problems with something you’re working on
  • Repost milestone-type content and share your reflection on your journey since that time
  • Show some work-in-progress (video is also great here)
  1. Listen

Take some time to let your followers share something from their world with you. From the safety of their bed, they may just be brave enough to respond.

  • Invite your audience to be part of a think-tank to help you with a decision
  • Put a call-out for goods or services you are looking for (ask for links, then go and like the suggested pages)
  • Ask for suggestions/feedback on your goods or services. Be careful with this one, it can open you up to criticisms you weren’t ready for. However these are a perfect segue into a follow-up #vunerabilitypost
  1. Timing is everything

Use your statistics to see when your site is being accessed in the evening. Your audience may be night-owls or early-risers, so use your data and schedule bed-time posts accordingly.

With these tips, your performance in the bedroom will keep the intimacy alive between your brand and your audience.

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