Sweet Release: How to write a media release


Navigating the tricky terrain of media releases is easy with a few pointers.

Here is the Do Re Media rationale on Media Releases.

  1. Have a good story

Your product/event/brand needs to make sure it is presenting a great story, or ‘hook’ to be newsworthy. Does it have an emotional, environmental or economic hook? Is it more allegorical in that it develops along an arc of overcoming struggle with an astonishing resolution? Figure out the main hooks in your story and use this great guide to write it.

  1. Provide materials

Providing facts and dates, images and statistics will help the journalist/blogger/copywriter to either extract the building blocks to write their own copy. Media Releases are rarely published verbatim, although this convention shows signs of changing in the digital era.

  1. Respect the conventions

As with all writing, conventions are formed around function and format. Media Releases have a very specific function (selling your brands’ story) so must be tailored to suit this purpose. Using the accepted format will make it easy for your media release to achieve its function. Check out this free template.

  1. Contacts

Researching the media which intersects with your brand will help you form a list of publications, bloggers, community groups and other media centres to send your release to. You may find a Contact Us or Editorial Submissions section on their website and email direct or send via an automated contact form. Other contacts may be harder to come by and you may need to purchase media lists.

Now you can go on ahead with your Sweet Release.

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