Social media won’t happen overnight…

it won't happen over night

Our society is get faster and faster. We have drive through food. We pour water on instant noodles. Quick defrost functions on our microwaves. We expect our food to arrive at our table as soon as we’ve ordered it. Faster and faster. Round and round.

So when it comes to marketing our businesses we expect the same. At first glance there seems to be quick fixes available. There are click farms that you can purchase 1000 likes for $5. More followers, more likes, more reach, more more more. But what are you really buying? Some businesses are across 10 different social media platforms and seem like they’re across all of them. (“Seem” being the keyword here. Never assume. People are only going to post the gold in their lives not the mud. More on that here.)

SO once you’ve found out where your customers are or perhaps where your POTENTIAL customers are, start hanging out there. Choose a social media platform that you’re comfortable with and go nuts. Concentrate on it. Schedule posts. Comment on others. Do as you’d like done unto you. Like. Love. Follow. Share. BE PRESENT. Or as Joe suggests “Go all in on 1 Social Media.”

BUT don’t expect social media to increase your sales overnight. It is a SLOW BURN just like striking up a conversation or a new friendship. There are trust issues, baggage that both parties bring to the relationship, ongoing issues, reasons, seasons or lifetimes. Keep fanning the flame and your slow burn just may turn into a winter warmer. Keep at it and you will be rewarded.

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