Social Media for Creatives in 10 minutes

I had the pleasure of speaking at the Town of Bassendean inaugural Creative SpeakEasy at the Bassendean Hotel last week. I was joined by 4 other amazing women in the arts as well.

Here’s a quick run down on what I spoke about:


When you use Social media to get your business out there we’re essential talking about online marketing. Definition of marketing to the everyday person is “I made this book. It’s a really cool book. You should buy this book.” I want to challenge you on this way of thinking when it comes to marketing and social media. Marketing yourself on social media is not about you

What if you could tap into your community?

What if it wasn’t about competition but about collaboration online? and you all looked out for one another and let each other know what was going on, when and where and who and how.

  • A good brand is talking about other people
  • A good brand is not petrified of giving its secrets away
  • A good brand is confident
  • A good brand helps others
  • Are you helping others? Have you liked other pages as your business?
  • Have you like your competition?

Your greatest asset online is your STORY. And the best part? As creatives YOU ARE STORYTELLERS. Understanding your story informs the rest of what you’re doing. If you need some help with your finding your story, Simon Sinek has written a brilliant book or online course called Start with why that might help you.

Why is story so darn important? We are designed as human beings, as communities, to empathise with story. When you start to tell authentic stories, you begin to gain trust of your audience. Once you gain the trust of your audience, you begin to get loyal customers.


Your stories as creatives must be:

  • Authentic
  • Vulnerable
  • Transparent


HOW can we create authentic, vulnerable, transparent stories? Video video video.

I cannot emphasize enough how important VIDEO is for share-ability online. If you’re not doing, you should be. Take video’s on your phone. Walking to the studio, getting writers block, show your triumphs and tribulations (transparency). CRAPTASTIC is ok! You don’t have to be making high quality videos for social media.


If you are using Facebook for your business (as 14,000,000 people in Australia are) you need to be paying for advertising and you need to have a marketing budget for it. Your organic reach when you post something to your business page on Facebook is anywhere between 0-10%. Facebook is “Pay to Play”.

Occ Health and Safety

  • This stuff can be addictive
  • Comparing yourself to others is a hazardous
  • What happens in Vegas is now all over YouTube
  • Never assume. Everyone has a back story to the shiny glossiness you see portrayed on social media
  • Don’t take it personally – bad reviews will happen. Some people will like what you do. Other will not
  • Overwhelmed? Outsource!

Seth Godin sums it all up nicely in this lil vid:


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