Are your social media platforms sick?

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Are your social media platforms performing as well they could be? or are they a little tired looking and in need of a spruce up? Here is your check list for healthy social media platforms!

  1. Do you have the correct and most up-to-date contact details across each of your platforms?
    Sounds like common sense but you’d be amazed at how many times they differ. Make sure you have the same details on the Facebook as on your website and if your phone or email changes, this needs to be updated across the board so you’re not loosing customers. As attention spans get shorter, your attention to detail needs to get finer.
  2. Does the branding across your platforms match?
    Do your platform match visually? Are you using the same header picture on your twitter as on your Facebook? People are creatures of habit and need to have continuity to feel comfortable with brand. This builds trust and in turn gives you customers for life. Read a lil more on branding here.
  3. Do your platforms have a heartbeat?
    Heartbeats are REGULAR. To keep air and life flowing through your body. FRESH air means you can go on living. Catch my drift? Your platforms need to have life and regular posting gives your platforms that freshness that your customers need to see…otherwise you’ll start to smell a little stale.
  4. Are you posting relevant information?
    Is it relevant to your audience? Will it help them in some way? Or are you posting pictures about your cat and what you did on the weekend? Save this information for your personal Facebook or twitter pages. Don’t mix business with pleasure. Keep it relevant.

The inspiration for this post comes from the awful virus I’ve had for the past three weeks. Lemons from lemonade right?!

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