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Shared Spaces

My colleague Mel and I are digital nomads. The beauty of Do Re Media is we can work anywhere as long as we are connected to the internet. This has given us both so much freedom. Meetings can be by Skype, chats are on messenger, emails and social media platforms are the spaces in which we sit to deliver the goods. Yes we spend a bunch of time online but this also gives us an advantage when working with our clients. We’re familiar with the space as we spend so much time there…we do, so you don’t have to!

Anyway this got me thinking about all the cafes in Perth that I have sat at whilst drinking the tasty, hot, black liquid, posting for my clients and taking in the local community vibes so i thought i’d share my fave hangouts with great WIFI whilst delivering a nice space to be in. Hey if you have any you’d like to add let us know! We’d love to build our list!

Perth cafes with great WIFI

Milkd Cafe, Maylands, Subiaco or North Perth
Bodhi Tree, Leederville
Loose Produce, Como
Elixir Coffee, Nedlands
Ootong & Lincoln, Fremantle

Collaborative Spaces

Hive, St Georges Terrace, Perth
SpaceCubed, St Georges Terrace, Perth
The Creative Arts House, Fitzgerald St, West Perth
Sync Labs, Leederville
fSpace, Market St, Fremantle
NestSpace, Vic Park
Search Engine Platforms

Creative Spaces

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