Which social media is right for you?

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There are a million different platforms out there when it comes to social media – well maybe not millions but heaps anyway. So how do you know which social media is right for you? Currently I’m using between 4-6 different platforms for my clients but each client is different depending on the needs of their business or group. Choosing the right platform for you to use can be tricky but once you know the differences between them, the water becomes less murky. Here are a few of my favourites.

I’ll start with Facebook. Everyone is on Facebook. Over half the population of Australia is on Facebook. No really. You can check social media statistics here. That’s good enough reason for me.facebook-jpg

HOWEVER due to recent changes on Facebook, as a business or community group or anyone else who has a page other than a private profile for yourself, you will have to pay-to-play. This means that you have to pay for advertising if you want more than 1-3% of your page likers to see what you’ve posted. Facebook can back me up on this. Read it here from the horse’s mouth.

Some businesses work better than others on Facebook, but the general population will expect to see your business on Facebook. Works for both products and services.


Twitter is great because it is a real time platform. This means if I’m online and you tweet something and I’m following you, I’ll see it as it happens. This has become very handy for business such as news agencies and the like because they can report things in real time. Which also means that to create a presence you need to be on there at LEAST once a week.


Personally, I LOVE Pinterest for arranging all my creative thoughts and recipes and look-books and ideas. I’m a visual person so this works for me but i probably wouldn’t use it for my social media and marketing business, Do Re Media. Pinterest is like a pin up board. You can make some sections public and share with other people or you can just have it all to yourself. Pinterest works well for businesses selling a product such as photographers, wedding anything, home renovations, vintage clothing, jewellery etc







This is what I said in the video: If you checked out the statistics I was talking about earlier you’d have noticed that video is up there with Facebook. Ever thought about putting your mug in a video and talking to your community and customers? Sounds daunting I know and I’m still new to the game BUT video can be a fantastic tool. It shows your audience that you are authentic and allows transparency which creates relationship. If you’re in Perth the gang at FastCast Promotions are guns at helping you tell your story through video. Call them if you don’t know what you’re doing!

Where are you at with social media? Let me know which ones you’re using!

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