Keep Calm and Schedule

5 tips to save you time & energy

Moderating several platforms can often feel like a never ending siege on your time. Pressure posting can often result in your posts being off-point, or worse, off brand. This wastes both your time AND energy.

Here are five great principles to stay on top of your content creation.

  1. Be strategic

Every post you make should be made with intent. Message packages (eg. End of Year Sale) are sent via intent categories. Product (eg.stock items), Place (eg.warehouse or store), People (eg.happy staff/customers) and Perception (eg.great bargains) are good quadrants to start with. You can be more specific as you refine your intent targeting.

  1. Map your pathways

Posting across platforms should be used to develop engagement. This won’t happen if your platforms are rolling out identikits of the same post.

Use a calendar to map your messages’ pathway across your social media platforms. This way you can introduce many angles of the message (use your intent categories), and stagger the delivery of the message between your platforms (Twitter Saturday, Instagram Monday, Facebook Wednesday).

That way, your followers can engage with the same message – as you’ve avoided blanket marketing at them.

  1. Schedule ahead

Once you have your map, use a scheduling app to create posts for the week, or even month, ahead.

Hootsuite, for example, allows you to create posts in platform streams, which can be scheduled for delivery at a date and time in the future. Facebook Pages also have an inbuilt scheduling feature (use the drop down on the “POST” button and select Schedule). By creating your posts in this way, you are more likely to stay on-point with your message and develop it through your intent categories.

  1. Research the terrain

Take the time to research your marketing terrain. Knowing your target-market, understanding your product and being very clear with what outcome you want from your social marketing campaign. Refining around these factors will stop you wasting time and energy on non-event posting.

5.  Make time for R&R (Recreation & Response)

Sharing something fun. or recreational, can often give your audience a pressure-free reason to engage with your offerings. And it’s errr…SOCIAL! (It also fits into the Perception part of our intent categories, as it reminds your followers that you are human.)

Leaving some space to respond for the two-way communications which can arise from social media, means you won’t miss out on the best possible scenario – one-on-one engagement with customers.

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