Increasing Visibility in the Digital Marketplace with Video

Hike Up Your Visibilty and Engagement.

Recent algorithm changes, affecting organic serving of content to individual Facebook newsfeeds, are openly prioritising video. The preference to video is in direct response to overwhelming preferences of audiences in their engagement with the video medium.

Much of this is aimed at users via mobile device interactions; 90% of daily user interactions take place on mobile devices. Video allows for transportable, easy-to-consume and potentially highly sophisticated product communication, and develops both brand identification and product knowledge in target audiences.

 “…a 360% increase in videos populating everyone’s news feeds represents a significant uptick and trend.”

Decrease Your Overall Marketing Spend.

Case Study:

Comparison of two, consecutive 42 day Facebook campaigns (2016/17) saw a 376% increase in reach with the utilisation of video. Budget for paid advertising was reduced by 90%. This trend was reflected across several other campaigns, reducing annual advertising spend by $8000 and delivering a 600% flow-on to web traffic.

Case Study Comparison: Same Event Campaign run without, then with, video.

Case Study Comparison: Same Event Campaign run without, then with, video.

Video Has Branding Advantages, and Durabilty.

The use of video across digital platforms reinforces brand consistency, with clear visual style branding. Alongside this, video engages the individual at a more personal level, evoking a sense of transparency, generosity and approachability – persuasive factors in driving customers to a direct brand interaction, including on-sharing, which has an exponential impact on audience reach.

The lifespan of video assets, significantly more enduring than other cultural products, can be utilised across multiple contexts with little to no adjustment.

Creating Effective Video Content.

As with all content creation, the best approach will be one that identifies your brand as authentically as possible. Production can be as simple, or elaborate as your budget allows, but if you’re going DIY, use your smartphone! The on-board camera, coupled with a host of downloadable in-app tech, can see you creating video content which speaks to your brand, in the most effective and visible way.

Need More Help? We have a workshop for that.

Do Re Media has the perfect Workshop for you! Our Smartphone-ography – Video Workshop will unlock all the hidden wonders of your smartphone, seeing you create branded, well constructed video to get on board with an algorithm assisted boost ion your online visibility.

Note: The Smartphone-ography – Video Workshop also has a Photography and Graphic Design counterpart. These workshops are typically run together as a whole day immersive, and you get a discount for attending both.


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