How to win at Instagram: 7 tips

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I love Instagram. I love all the pictures and vids. It seems so voyeristic but without the control and ads of Facebook (yet). So I thought I’d share 7 quick tips to get you on your way to using Instagram.

1. You cannot manage what you cannot measure

Generally it’s the first place we start with our clients. How do you measure up? When is the best time to post? When are your followers online? There are are myriad of tools out there to check out your analytics on Instagram, some are free like Iconosquare whilst other such as Union Metrics and Crowdfire are paid.

2. Set Up Correctly

I know you’ve probably already done this and it seems like it’s a given but I’ll say it anyway. Setting up your profile correctly can save you time further down the track. Make sure the photo you use as your profile pic is in line with your brand. If you’re a cafe, ensure you have the correct details in the space provided. Do you have a link to your website? Include all this information so that people searching for you can find you. Don’t make it hard for them. People are time poor!

3. Research

Who do you look up to? Who’s Instagram accounts do you admire? Are you following them? Have you had a look who is following them and who they’re following? Do your research. Have a look around and see what your competition is doing. Like their accounts. Seems counter intuitive yeah? We’ve explained why you should be doing this in a little more detail here.

4. Get the good shot

Be patient. Have your phone or camera ready with you. Take pictures of the mundane. Take video! It’s so very important to create a complete picture of your brand. When people know the full story, they empathise with you AND begin to TRUST your brand, in turn creating loyal customers/fans. Boring shots can often look better through a different app such as Pic Frame, VSCO or Photo Mirror.

5. Hashtag

Every one of your posts should have hashtags on them! I think 3 is the lucky number but you can go to town on it. Depends what suits your brand. What is a hashtag? and how do you use them effectively? We’ve written about that too. Check out the link.

6. Tag

Yep there’s also a thing called tagging. Different to hash tagging. So if you’re talking about someone else and you’d like them to know you’re talking about them you need to tag them in your post. This involves putting an “@” before their Instagram handle. Once you’ve posted your post, they receive a notification. This is really great if you want to catch someones attention. For example letting a food blogger know you have a new menu or letting a music magazine know you have a gig coming up.

7. Do Unto Others

Yep. Do you expect likes from other people? Do you love it when people comment on your posts? I love it! But guess what?! Other other people are expecting the same. So chuck your followers some likes. Go and hit them up on their accounts. Check out what they’re doing. Encourage and support them in their ventures. You just might find people start returning the favour.

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