How much is enough?


Social media is all around us and the world seems to be spinning faster and faster with only one way of dealing with it all; keep up or tap out. I’ve been thinking a lot about this recently as I seem to have the strange ability to take on more than I can handle usually wearing anywhere up to 5 hats at on any given day…probably a story for another time. So how much is enough when comes to social media for your business? How long is a piece of string! Really you could try to be across all platforms and networks and have your fingers in each pot, but what’s the use in spending all your time in front of a computer and spreading yourself thin? Why not concentrate on a couple and do them really well.

To the untrained eye, the start of the social media journey might look daunting but you could probably say the same for any beginning-of-something-new. I’m of the opinion that a journey of 1000 miles starts with a one step. So here goes;

Step 1. Audience

Figure out who they are. This will give you a pretty good indication as to which social media platform you should be starting with. No point starting with Pinterest if your customers aren’t looking there for your product or service. Step into their shoes. Where are they walking? How are they walking? What size are their shoes? Who are they talking to? Become your audience. Once you figure that out, tailor your platform to them. After all, it’s about them right? You kinda need them.

Step 2. The Power of One

Start with one platform. In general you only have one conversation at a time so begin with one. Once you master that, try the next! Research the one you choose. Got a question? Facebook frustrating the hell out of you? Google it. Chances are there are people out there having the EXACT same problem. Some guy out there had enough time to make a video, cut it, upload it and post it! Sheesh! So go watch it and learn some stuff.

Step 3. You cannot manage what you cannot measure

Analytics. Most platforms have this available to you and if they don’t, someone else out there has written program that will. Get onto Google Analytics for your website (you need a gmail account but it’s all free.) Start a monthly calendar and start measuring those hits. Take the time to see when your customers are online, what are they clicking on, what are they sharing and then utilise that knowledge. Boost a post here and there or use a bit of strategy for your next post. It’s really cool to look back at your results after 6 month to see where you’ve come from. If anything you’ll get a sense of achievement.

Step 4. Be kind

You will stuff up. You’ll hit the wrong button when you weren’t sposed to and you’ll need to delete some things and some people won’t like what you post. Shock! Horror! You can’t please everyone all the time so don’t waste your time trying to.

Step 5. Don’t give up

If at first you don’t succeed, try, try, try again. You can do it . Have a go. And if you get stuck, don’t be afraid to ask questions. If Google doesn’t seem to be helping, feel free to drop us a line at, we might just have the right solution for you and your customers.

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