Holiday Marketing Tips

Holiday Tips

So as the weather warms up here in Perth, Western Australia and we rapidly approach Christmas, I’m thinking about my business and being in line with the time of year. Some people have it so together and so organised right?! I thought I’d put together 5 quick tips you can move on quickly before Christmas time.

1) Let your community know your Christmas/New Years hours and when you’ll be away. Turn your auto response on. Be available up until it’s your break time and then put down your phone. Put your laptop away and be present with your loved ones this festive season.

2) Get on board the Christmas train. Change your Facebook header. Repost a ridiculous Christmas meme. Keep it light and keep it fun and you just might get through the noise that is so very loud at this time of year. I’ve held off for such a long time but the older I get, the earlier I find Christmas tinsel creeping in. And I’m ok with it.

3) Send Christmas thanks to your customers and your clients. Be genuine. Create a lil video. Be authentic! Video is a great way to show you’re not a jerk.

4) Be decisive, clear and focused in your correspondence with your community. Great visuals are a MUST. Word Swag is a super cool app if you’re happy working on your phone or tablet. Canva is another great love of ours. So easy. So fast. And makes you look good! Pic Monkey is another option.

5) Use a scheduler. If you’re worried about there being silence on your socials while you’re having a break, use a scheduler. Facebook has one built in to it. We use Hootsuite for Twitter, Google + and LinkedIn. It takes the pressure off! As for Instagram? There is no amazing scheduler available for Instagram…yet. I’m kinda glad it doesn’t have one!

One that note, a very Merry Christmas to all y’all. We’ve had such a fabulous year of growing pains and stretching and finding our way and have enjoyed (almost) every moment. Carry on!

thanks a bunch!

Delilah and Melanie.

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