Facebook: Does it still work for business?

Facebook. 2007. It’s where I dipped my toe in the social media pool. Things were a little different back then. I owned a vintage clothing boutique in Perth, WA and had a working page for my business with over 2500 fans. Facebook worked well for my business. I could easily communicate with my online community quickly, telling them about sales, events and vintage news.

However recently, Facebook changed the rules for those using it as a means of business and/or promotion.This may come as a surprise to you, (or maybe not). Let me break it down for you.

Up until a few months ago, you could post something on your business Facebook page and it would be seen in people’s news feeds (if they liked your page). This is called your Organic Reach. You don’t have to pay for it. Recently, Facebook changed their News Feed Algorithm which has changed how many people see your post, some saying it’s even as low as 1-2%. This change has come about for two reasons: firstly, the increase in content overall is huge nowadays. To see what everyone posts live (like twitter), you wouldn’t see what you’re most interested in which bring me to the second point, that Facebook tailors what you see on your News Feed to improve your experience with the platform. You see more of what you like.

Organic Reach Decline

So the question is: Facebook, does it still work for business? The short answer is yes, but you’ve got to pay to play. In other words, you’ve got to spend money for Facebook to work for your business if you’d like to use it as a marketing tool for your business, community group or any type of pay you’d like to promote.

In comparison to other forms of advertising, Facebook is still, at this stage affordable. You can target very specific markets in specific areas at affordable prices. You can also analyse your campaigns, stop, start, change them in real time or upgrade or downgrade your budget.

Social Media Advertising(via Moz Blog)

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There are still ways to show up in people’s news feed. Here are a few pointers from Constant Contact:

  • Post frequently
  • Use call-to-actions wisely
  • Post appropriate sized images
  • Post a variety of content types
  • Find the best time to post on Facebook
  • Post content that is likely to spur the conversation
  • Share links that are mobile friendly

Will you be paying to play on Facebook? Let me know!

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