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New Do Re Media Product - Booking Now to Commence MAY 2018.

We have been figuring out how to make this one happen for over a year…and it’s finally ready to launch.

What is Do Re Media Digishare?

Do Re Media Digishare is a timehare for creatives who need support with their digital media but don’t have the budget to have their own crack team on the job.

At the Do Re Media offices, we have about 10 hours a week available, which we would usually fill with one client.

Digishare is a program set up to enable 10 Creatives (strictly limited) to access 1 hour per week of our services.

One hour per week with a professional digital marketer, to develop your brand, create bespoke content and design your strategy.

The type of services included are:

  • Event Campaigns
  • Engaging brand-story arcs
  • Strategy, alignment and influencer targeting
  • Scheduling and content management
  • Content creation and upskilling

This offer can only be extended to 10 candidates and will not be made available again until the current DRM Digishare contract period concludes.

What does it cost?

Successful DRM Digishare applicants will be offered Do Re Media’s professional digital media services under contract for:

4 hours per month for 6 months, at a rate of $100 per fortnight.

This product is suitable for career creatives, emerging talent and festival performers who rely on effective marketing to drive audiences, collectors and curators to their product.

Applications are lodged with the first month in advance, a deposit of $200.

The debit contract will be set up as 11 fortnightly direct debits of $100. The Autumn/Winter DRM Digishare contract will conclude on October 31st (final debit Oct 16th) where a November to April (*Spring/Summer DRM Digishare) will commence.

(*Places in the Spring/Summer DRM Digishare will be prioritised to Fringeworld performers.)

Conditions: A recipient may be released from their contract only where a second-round offer recipient assumes the remaining instalments (we already have a candidate waiting list so this shouldn’t be a problem).

Apply Now.

DRM Digishare Artist Application

    Choose more than one if applicable
  • Price: A$ 200.00 Quantity:
    Deposit on first month. Debits commence 30 days after contract engagement.
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