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5 ways to reboot your social media singles game

Remember when you were new to social media? You’d get so adorably excited if someone liked your page, or commented on a post. And the first time you had someone share something of yours on their timeline – you felt…

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Social media won’t happen overnight…

Our society is get faster and faster. We have drive through food. We pour water on instant noodles. Quick defrost functions on our microwaves. We expect our food to arrive at our table as soon as we’ve ordered it. Faster…

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The Art of Night-Time Posting

Being invited into the bedroom is a delicate dance. And studies show, Social Media is getting more attention than bedfellows between the sheets. Here’s how to woo your followers into inviting you into their boudoir. Be gentle The last thing we…

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Fostering community and sense of belonging: how social networks enable community.

May 16, 2015

I’m currently in the middle of a uni unit called Internet Communities and Social Networks at Curtin University, Perth WA. Check out the paper I wrote recently – Delilah Can you foster and feel a part of community online? How…

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Keep Calm and Schedule

Moderating several platforms can often feel like a never ending siege on your time. Pressure posting can often result in your posts being off-point, or worse, off brand. This wastes both your time AND energy. Here are five great principles…

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How much is enough?

Social media is all around us and the world seems to be spinning faster and faster with only one way of dealing with it all; keep up or tap out. I’ve been thinking a lot about this recently as I…

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9 ways to get your audience to engage

Provoking your end user to engage – likes, shares, favouriting, retweeting etc – is far from an exact science. The tsunami of information you are swimming against to be visible to your followers, and then to prompt an interaction from…

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4 reasons your business should be more transparent

To some, the thought of telling the full story behind your business might sound a little daunting. After all, what if people found out that you struggled? That you weren’t perfect? A little truth can go a long way in the…

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Are you a social media punisher?

February 24, 2015

Don’t be a punisher We’ve all been stuck at a party with that fragment-grabber who charges the conversation around like a frothing dog chasing seagulls. The demand on your attention to their fickle stream of opinions and irrelevant anecdotes results…

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Are your social media platforms sick?

February 5, 2015

Are your social media platforms performing as well they could be? or are they a little tired looking and in need of a spruce up? Here is your check list for healthy social media platforms! Do you have the correct…

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