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Becoming Social

How to be a “brand community” Article: Moana Lutton Humans are social creatures. Once upon a time we lived in communities where values of commitment, mutuality and trust kept us in closer, warmer, more harmonious types of bonds between one…

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Digital Marketing for Musicians

Things sure have changed over the past 20 years! Reaching your audience as a musician has never been easier…or has it? Here are a few tips we’ve learnt on marketing your music in the digital space. Social Media Platforms If you’re…

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10 Ways to Procrastinate and Waste Time

Download the Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Snapchat and Pinterest apps to your phone so you can spend an hour in bed just after you wake up checking if anyone has liked, added, tweeted, shared anything to do with you. This way, time…

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How to Win Friends and Influencers

Being an area of abundant theory, research, and statistics (So. Many. Statistics), the theoretical study of how-to-market-your-business has spewed forth a veritable mountain of concepts and buzz words, many of which now orbit the marketing studies arena like so many…

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The Juice On Boosts: How to boost on Facebook without falling flat

Boosting your posts on Facebook is kind-of necessary to grow beyond the organic reach of your network. But boosting willy-nilly is not only a waste of money, it can derail your campaign. Here’s some things to consider before firing off…

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Know Pun, Intended

Puns have a reputation for being the awkward, dorky cousin of actual humour – but they do get asked to slow dance a lot on social media. Perhaps it is the visual format which assists this, as many types of…

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Content where blog

What content where?

Posting platform relevant content can be little tricky due to the over lapping of each of the social media platforms. That and the sheer number of platforms available. Say you have three spaces your business occupies online and you have a…

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Perception Image

5 Ways Perception Can Trip You Up

As much as we like to promote authenticity, consideration to how objectively you are presenting your ideas to your audience is very important. Strong branding relies on cultural relevance, so understanding the culture surrounding your brand is a good start…

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Digital Detox

Digital Detox: Musings from a Social Media Addict

I confess. I’m an addict. I’m on social media EVERY DAY. Admittedly it is also my chosen current career. And I own the business…bit of a conundrum no? After noticing a lack of attention, time with my husband and a…

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