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Social Secrets

Our Top Secret Social Media Secret’s Shared

I guess that makes them not so top secret huh? Yes you heard correct. Here are our top 5 tips that help us get through our week (this week anyway) as we wade through the beast that is social media an…

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Who are your neighbours?

Knowing your community network is something which we’ve mentioned in passing in several previous blogs on maximizing your sustainability in business. Your local community can reveal connections and opportunities which can prove to strengthen your brand position, form happy alliances…

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4 Signs That You Need To Outsource Business Activities

There comes a time for all businesses when you should outsource work to an external company. Whether it’s your accounting, payroll, customer service or marketing, at some point a helping hand from a professional will do you a lot of…

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The Beginners Guide To Promoting Businesses On Facebook

Those of you who’ve never used Facebook as a business tool in the past have been missing out. There are so many advantages to using Facebook that it would be impossible to list them all on this page. However, two things important…

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7 Tips to Write Better Content

Lately, a great deal of attention has been focused on the use of keywords in creating content. Keywords serve the purpose of improving Internet search rankings which is the objective of every company and enterprise that has a website. In…

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How to change your Facebook URL

Ah the beast that is Facebook. Love it or hate it, it here to stay. (Although some might say otherwise.) Check out the video below. It explains the actual nitty gritty how to’s. But here’s WHY you should do it….

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5 ways to reboot your social media singles game

Remember when you were new to social media? You’d get so adorably excited if someone liked your page, or commented on a post. And the first time you had someone share something of yours on their timeline – you felt…

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Social media won’t happen overnight…

Our society is get faster and faster. We have drive through food. We pour water on instant noodles. Quick defrost functions on our microwaves. We expect our food to arrive at our table as soon as we’ve ordered it. Faster…

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The Art of Night-Time Posting

Being invited into the bedroom is a delicate dance. And studies show, Social Media is getting more attention than bedfellows between the sheets. Here’s how to woo your followers into inviting you into their boudoir. Be gentle The last thing we…

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Keep Calm and Schedule

Moderating several platforms can often feel like a never ending siege on your time. Pressure posting can often result in your posts being off-point, or worse, off brand. This wastes both your time AND energy. Here are five great principles…

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