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Know Pun, Intended

Puns have a reputation for being the awkward, dorky cousin of actual humour – but they do get asked to slow dance a lot on social media. Perhaps it is the visual format which assists this, as many types of…

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What content where?

Posting platform relevant content can be little tricky due to the over lapping of each of the social media platforms. That and the sheer number of platforms available. Say you have three spaces your business occupies online and you have a…

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5 Ways Perception Can Trip You Up

As much as we like to promote authenticity, consideration to how objectively you are presenting your ideas to your audience is very important. Strong branding relies on cultural relevance, so understanding the culture surrounding your brand is a good start…

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Holiday Marketing Tips

So as the weather warms up here in Perth, Western Australia and we rapidly approach Christmas, I’m thinking about my business and being in line with the time of year. Some people have it so together and so organised right?!…

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Social Media for Creatives in 10 minutes

I had the pleasure of speaking at the Town of Bassendean inaugural Creative SpeakEasy at the Bassendean Hotel last week. I was joined by 4 other amazing women in the arts as well. Perth Street Artist Melski from the Laneway Collective…

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How to win at Hashtags

September 29, 2015

Hashtags arose from depths of cyber history (1988) as category stamps for grouping content created and sent through the IRC (Internet Relay Chat). It didn’t find its way into our social media platforms until a tweet sent in 2007 was…

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Social Media for Creatives Workshop

We are delighted to announce our Social Media for Creatives Workshop has found a fabulous space to be in at Paper Mountain! Here are the juicy details: Where: Paper Mountain, Upstairs, 267 William St Northbridge When: Saturday 24th October and Saturday…

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How to Turn a Good Piece of Content into a Great One

September 18, 2015

There’s a difference between producing quality content and publishing professional, better-than-the-rest content. You might have been writing blog articles and other forms of content for a while, and think that you have it down. And yet, you can always keep…

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Sweet Release: How to write a media release

September 16, 2015

Navigating the tricky terrain of media releases is easy with a few pointers. Here is the Do Re Media rationale on Media Releases. Have a good story Your product/event/brand needs to make sure it is presenting a great story, or…

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Finding your writing voice

Finding your writing ‘voice’ is a super important factor in successful writing for social media. Many of the tips we’ve shared with you in the past won’t work at all if you haven’t developed a style which captures who you…

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