The Beginners Guide To Promoting Businesses On Facebook


Those of you who’ve never used Facebook as a business tool in the past have been missing out. There are so many advantages to using Facebook that it would be impossible to list them all on this page. However, two things important factor come to mind: millions of people use Facebook, and opening an account isn’t going to cost anything. With that in mind, this short beginners guide should help to point you in the right direction. Once you have all the basics covered, you can perform some more research and move onto more technical stuff. Being as you’re new to using that website for business, the information below is as simple as possible.

Opening your accounts

Opening an account on Facebook couldn’t be simpler. Head over to the site and follow the instructions on the sign in page. With a bit of luck, your page should be up and running in around five minutes. After that has been done, you need to upload your eye-catching branded graphics.

Posting status updates

Status updates are what you will use to advertise products, engage with your audience and talk about your industry. It is crucial that you don’t post promotional links all day long because that might seem too aggressive to the nine million Australian users. At the end of the day, you just need to present information and thoughts that could encourage some interaction. Every time someone “likes” or “comments” on your posts, a certain percentage of their friends list will see your page.

Getting the URL right

Unless you choose to change it, Facebook will allocate your page a random URL. For SEO purposes and other reasons, it makes sense to change that as soon as you can. You should select a URL that contains your brand name, and that is as short as possible. You want people to remember it as that will increase the chances of repeat visits.

Becoming an authority

Social media is one of the best platforms for promoting authority. You want people to know you are an expert in your industry, and so it makes sense to comment on relevant posts. Let’s presume you run a construction company for a moment. You might see that someone has asked a question about different types of brick. By commenting on their post and offering the solution, you will ensure they know you have vast knowledge on the subject.

Using professional services

Sometimes managing a social media page can take a lot out of your day. Unless you’re willing to employ someone full-time who can handle that job, it makes sense to hand it over to us professionals. Social marketing is big business these days, and so you just need to locate a firm that suits your business and understands what you are trying to achieve. Also, the professionals are going to come in handy if you decide to use paid advertising tools on those platforms.

So, there you have it folks. That was our beginner’s guide to promoting your business on Facebook. You should now find yourself in a better position to make a start. Remember, help is at hand if you need it. You’ll just have to put your hand in your pocket. See you back here soon for more exciting social media articles!

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