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Becoming Social

How to be a “brand community” Article: Moana Lutton Humans are social creatures. Once upon a time we lived in communities where values of commitment, mutuality and trust kept us in closer, warmer, more harmonious types of bonds between one…

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Increasing Visibility in the Digital Marketplace with Video

Hike Up Your Visibilty and Engagement. Recent algorithm changes, affecting organic serving of content to individual Facebook newsfeeds, are openly prioritising video. The preference to video is in direct response to overwhelming preferences of audiences in their engagement with the video…

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Instagram 2017: 9 things you need to know

May 15, 2017

How fast has this year gone already? I can’t believe it’s May! And if you’ve been hanging out in the Instagram sphere, you’ll have noticed some HUGE changes. All of which you can use to your advantage when it comes to connecting…

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Digital Marketing for Musicians

Things sure have changed over the past 20 years! Reaching your audience as a musician has never been easier…or has it? Here are a few tips we’ve learnt on marketing your music in the digital space. Social Media Platforms If you’re…

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Reboot your life – Too Many Tabs Open

I had too many tabs open and it was doing my head in. The constant noise of demands and requests and things unfinished and things yet to do. I knew it, but I didn’t know how to stop it. I thought I…

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3 Pigs Blog

3 Little Pigs Redux

Once upon a time there were three little pigs. One pig built his business brand online made only from paid advertising while the second pig built his business brand online made only from social media. They built their houses very…

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Blog Procrastinate

10 Ways to Procrastinate and Waste Time

Download the Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Snapchat and Pinterest apps to your phone so you can spend an hour in bed just after you wake up checking if anyone has liked, added, tweeted, shared anything to do with you. This way, time…

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Analytics Website

How to grow your audience using your analytics 

Growing with your audience is tricky these days. In the days of face-to-face analogue business, we knew our customers by their first names, we had conversations with them about their lives, which often led to them being open and honest…

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Instagram ads

How to set up Instagram Ad’s

I’ve entered the world of instagram ads the past couple months and I’ve learnt a few things along the way so I thought I’d share with you guys. As you know Facebook owns Instagram, so setting up your ad audience, content…

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Storytelling for Business

What’s your story? Tips for storytelling in your business

Storytelling seems to be the latest buzzword, and it’s here to stay. Improve your storytelling skills to keep up in business. 1. Be clear on your ‘why’ People connect with a story. It’s why videos go viral. If you think back…

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