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How to be a “brand community”

Article: Moana Lutton

Humans are social creatures. Once upon a time we lived in communities where values of commitment, mutuality and trust kept us in closer, warmer, more harmonious types of bonds between one another. As our journey from ‘social member’ (of the community) to ‘social media’ advances, businesses often forget that marketing on social media still needs to perform in a social way. By keeping your eye on the socially-relevant prize, you create a platform rich with communal activity.  

Creating a “brand community” will widen your funnel, attract positive press, build brand loyalty, ultimately convert more customers and help lead you to the Social Media Marketing Jackpot Prize… the on-sharing of your content!

Here are some tips for curating a community from your content.

Involve other benefactors

Develop relationships with those who would benefit from bringing your audience and theirs together. Keep it social and natural, and choose those who align with your brand values.

A great example of this is successfully promoting a live music event, like The Courtyard Club. The event cross-pollinates many benefactors by involving multiple organisations as co-hosts and connecting the venue, the artists and a selection of local radio programs.

Try: The same principles used in common-practice Instagram collaboration are applicable to Facebook, too.


Make shareable assets

You need to create stuff that your target audience will love and want to share.

Visual content is the best way to grab an audience’s attention and is highly shareable. Create albums that engage your audience – whether it be photos of customers or unique stylings of your products or services. Easy-to-use apps such as Ripl and Filmora can help you create super effective slideshows and videos.

And make sure your creations are accessible for everyone in your brand community too, not just singular parties.


Be inclusive

Factors such as gender, race, language, income, sexuality, age, religion, ability, and ethnicity need to be considered in modern marketing.

When copywriting use simplistic language, neutral pronouns, don’t assume knowledge and be wary of cultural references and metaphors so as not to confuse or insult your audience. If a brand is non-inclusive, the public can (and will!) notice. Take the poorly-timed Levi’s Campaign which saw them under heavy social criticism for choosing to deploy its rich music-industry aesthetic in a strictly menswear campaign, excluding the representation of women and non-gender conforming people in the music scene.



As a brand it is incredibly important to be generous and support others – even your competitors.

No, this will not detract from the value of your brand or divert your customers elsewhere. Rather, it shows you are a community leader, confident in your brand. Nobody relates to the person at the party who spends the whole time talking about themselves. Be social!

TRY: Adding other events to your Event’s Tab, share the good news of others and support ventures that align with your brand values.




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