5 ways to reboot your social media singles game

Five Ways to Reboot Your ‘Singles’ Game

Remember when you were new to social media? You’d get so adorably excited if someone liked your page, or commented on a post. And the first time you had someone share something of yours on their timeline – you felt kinda famous, right?

As your numbers have grown your early milestones seem infantile. You are now in your 100s or 1000s of followers, shares are expected at a regular rate. You have recalibrated to new conditions where you through shade on small gains. You’ve stopped thinking in single digits and are thinking in sets-of. But guess what. People don’t come in sets. They come as ‘singles’.

Five Ways to Reboot Your ‘Singles’ Game

      1.  Play the field

Remember when you just couldn’t stop checking out all the interesting pages out there? Get out amongst it. Be curious and explore. Explore your customers, check out your competitors, what are your audience into?

  1. Flirt a Little

Once you find a Page you can network with, like their photos and the nice comments left by others. If you do this often, they will have repeat exposure to your Page name. Once you’ve liked a few things, they’ll have you on their mind a little. Do make sure you’re using Faceook as your Page, not yourself though.

  1. Leave a Calling Card

Leave them a piece of you – by way of an encouraging comment or two of your own. On Facebook, be sure to make these comments on Timeline items posted by the Page. (Posts to Pages are generally hidden on their own secret “Posts to Page” timeline. Not much good being tucked away there!)

  1. Join A Group

A great way to meet new ‘singles’. Groups are a fab way to branch out into crossover branding territory. Once you are a member you will have the option to Post to any group you are a member of. (Just be aware that some Groups have very strict rules about marketing so you may need to think creatively when self promoting.)

  1. Share the Love

By sharing a Pages’ posts, page links etc. you will pop up on their admin radar. Tag them in the post when you share it so it brings them to your page from their notifications.

Make each ‘one’ count again. You’ll have more fun too

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