5 things you should include on your website

5 things to include on website

I know some of this going to seem like basic stuff and I can already hear some of you saying “yeah Delilah, of course I’d put that on my website” but you’d be surprised how many times I’ve noticed these details are either hard to find or missing altogether! So here are 5 things you should include on your website.

1) Your Contact Details
It’s a no brainer. Make your contact details easy to find and up-to-date so you community can hit you up if they need!

2) Images that represent what you do!
photo 3
This is me…writing this post…on my homemade stand up pallet desk I might add. (Proud much? I was so excited I got to use a drill!) Anyway…a picture really does tell 1000 words. Show people what you do. Whether you’re a community group planting a new garden or a hand-made soap making business, pictures are a great way to jazz up your website. People are so time poor these days and too many words gets tedious. Be succinct, take a picture.

3) Social Media
If you have any social media platforms set up for your business or community group, they need to be linked to your website so they compliment each other. Include the platform icons somewhere on your front page. You can see with Green Gurus, they’ve included the icons in the top right hand corner.
Example: greengurus.com.au

4) Links that work!
Are you including links to other websites or blogs on your site? Make sure these links are correct and going to the right places. The words you use in your link are also important but that’s probably another whole blog post!

5) Sign Up to Newsletter
Offer a “Subscribe to our Newsletter” option. Mailchimp is a fantastic, free, newsletter program that is easy to use and available online. You can then deliver news, specials, views and more straight to your customers inbox legally. (Note: If you email bulk lists of people without their consent its classed as spam which is illegal…more on this later.)

Think of your website like a book cafe, not an billboard or a teller machine. Billboards and teller machines only give out information one way. Your website needs to be a hub that allows an exchange of information. A place where people feel comfortable to come back to and explore whats around maybe even stay for a coffee. Encourage people to comment on your blog posts or get in contact with you. Welcome the connection with your customers! Coffee anyone?

Think about what you like about your favourite websites?

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