5 things Ubud and Social Media have in common

UbudLast week I skipped the country and headed up to Ubud, Bali for the week with a buddy of mine. We left our laptops at home, visited all the raw food cafes we could and stretched ourselves with a few yoga sessions. It was fabulous. And the source of inspiration for this post!

Ubud sure did get me thinking. All the different sights and sounds and smells and people. A whole different way of life to what I’m used to. A world away from my stand-up desk in my house in Bayswater. I mulled over and meditated on a bunch of stuff whilst away. Here are 5 things Ubud and Social Media have in common.

1) Community

The Balinese have such a strong sense of community. You can see it in the way they are with their work colleagues and from the way they live. We got talking to various Balinese, in shops, taxi drivers, in our hotel. They often live with their extended family including grandparents, parents kids and even aunties and uncles. The village they live in has a central meeting place and villages often have different bells to call different types of community meetings. They never venture far from their community and there is security and beauty in this. They look out for one another and take pride in that closeness.

Social media can be same. There are different types of community you can create online. From close knit, private, specialised groups on Facebook to open, free-for-all twitter accounts. The choice is yours with social media. You can be as private or as open as you see fit. You can create or join different online communities.

2) Platforms

Just like in real life where you have different circles of friends, Google + has given you control over the various circles you put people into. The different social media platforms we have access to (Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest etc.) are the different community bells that we use to tell our story or send out our message.

3) New friends

We met some great people in Ubud. Genuine, lovely people and, once we’d met, we shared our stories. We can use social media and blogging to do the same: share our authentic stories and make new friends. Often you find that the person your talking to is just like you! Your customers and community group are REAL people sitting behind their desk at a computer. Don’t forget that.

4) Good food

Food glorious food! I’m a big fan of amazing food, mainly because I love eating. Each restaurant or cafe was carefully researched (except one and that was disappointing) and attended. What has food in Ubud got to do with social media? The research. We used TripAdvisor for many of the decisions we made to get the experience from our limited time. Most of the places we went to had been reviewed by people just like me. And yes I took photos of the food I ate. Food porn!

5) Green

In Ubud there is jungle and rice paddies and coconuts and green everywhere!
Social media is also green. It’s paperless. Do you remember the good old days of printing out newsletters, stuffing envelopes, licking stamps and sending them out? I do and it took a lot of time, effort and paper. Think of your carbon footprint. And then send an email instead. Booyah!

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