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I know video is super important to include on your website and blog but I needed to delve a bit deeper. I asked my good friend Mel Anastas over at Fastcast Promotions to help me out. Here are five reasons you should be using use video.

  1. Go Legit

We’re all sick of glossy perfect people in shiny perfect worlds telling us the only thing that stops us from being one of ‘them’ is the magic product they are selling.

Showing your consumers that YOU are one of THEM (ie an accessible, imperfect human) places your product or service straight into their reality, aka reality.

TIP: Forget the hype and be yourself. A natural, even flawed presentation (I like to use the term Craptastic) represents something we can identify with, building trust. This will allow the viewer to get past the “sell” and listen to the ”tell”.

  1. Establish Value Certainty

Being able to explain/demonstrate the value of your product simply is vital to the branding of your business. Branding is not just logo and graphic design, branding encompasses the associations and impressions surrounding your business. If you aren’t clear on this, your customers can’t identify “value certainty”. Know your product in its simplest terms.

TIP: If you are having trouble refining the value certainty down to something simple, use the 4 P’s.

People – who uses it?
Place/Purpose – where and how is it used?
Product – what is it made from? what gave birth to the idea?
Perception – what did you think the first time you saw/thought/heard about it?

  1. Show Me Don’t Tell Me – Connecting Object Identity

Listening and reading require a ‘decoding’ action from your brain which uses way more energy than watching and listening. Visual representations provide a firm context in an existing and relatable reality, which make it more real in the customers’ mind than a conjured up, or abstract image.

TIP: If I write a description of a pen, made from materials you’ve never encountered which can outperform other pens, all you have for reality-context is the current pen you have an abstract image for in your mind. If I talk to you (on camera) about how it occurred to me that producing a pen from a certain new material would be beneficial, then how the production process of the materials was initiated, and show you how relieved and happy it makes me to be able to actually use a pen made from those materials to write my grocery lists, you have a reality-context for the value and existence of that pen. When you think of a pen, you’ll be way more involved in the story of MY pen than the abstracted object you previously thought of when you read the word “pen”.

  1. Levels

You know about metaphors. “He looked like the cat that got the cream.” In video you can use metaphors visually to help you tell your story. It can be obvious and funny, “My biodegradable washing powder has set me free” with vision of you bursting out of a massive pile of laundry in a bikini, holding a martini glass, it’s funny and obviously representing how it makes you feel about your new washing powder. But you could also have vision of a bird flying out over the ocean.

TIP: If using visual metaphor stay honest. Choose the metaphor which fits with your relationship to the product, which will be a reflection of who you are.

  1. Multiple Runs and Shares

Making a video which goes viral is highly unlikely – even the top Advertising Agencies in the world don’t have a formula for this – but you are still way more likely to have people in your marketing circles feel compelled to share a fun, friendly video than they will a static advert or info sheet. Secondly, you will also get away with re-posting your video at various times of the life of your business, way more than you will with static graphic material which will tend to be “unseen” if it’s posted more than twice.

TIP: Keep your information and associations broad and/or timeless. The only thing which should become ‘dated’ in your video is your hairstyle.

Sitting down to write this, I can’t help but feel it would have been more effective to have done a video, haha! Good luck and KEEP IT REAL!

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