31 free things: Christmas

It’s crazy this time of year yeah? I’m feeling crazy?! OR rather under the weather before our trip away. With all this spending and craziness at Christmas, I find it a great time to reflect as well. Sometimes life, over the course of the year, feels like it speeds up and gets real bumpy towards the end. We’ve had a great year here at Do Re Media and are so grateful for the support. But over the next couple of weeks we are putting down the devices to reconnect with our friends and family. Here are 31 things that inspired me to do exactly that. Life is lived in moments and details, and I think that’s what I’d like to do more of in 2016. (More here by Leo Babaut.)

1. Stretching
2. Giving your mum a hug
3. A freshly brew cup of ice tea, slipped slowly. Add mint
4. A morning stroll. No dog. No children. Just you
5. Reading a book from your shelf. You know. The one you bought at the op shop because of it’s cover
6. Turning off the television and playing snap
7. Scrabble
8. Frozen berries
9. A good workout
10. Knowing that you are worthy
11. Colouring in
12. Journaling
13. Picking up your guitar (it’s under the bed I bet!)
14. Trying something you haven’t tried before.
15. Writing yourself a love letter
16. Writing your love a love letter
17. Calling your nan
18. Baking for a friend
19. Skill swapping with a friend
20. The Fremantle Doctor on a warm summer afternoon
21. Beach sand between your toes
22. Taking photos of thing up really close
23. Writing a list of things you did this year
24. Delighting in a sunrise
25. Delighting in a sunset
26. Listening to your old records from when you were a teenager
27. Hand delivering a Christmas card to your neighbour
28. Scrumping mulberries from the back alley and making jam
29. Donating that dress you never wear
30. Making someone smile as you walk past them
31. Breathing

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